Traditional Ukrainian Borscht – Beef Base – $7.95

Beets, Cabbage, potatoes, beef, sour cream and dill.

Pohlobka Slovyanskaya– $7.95

Smoked Meats, sauerkraut, olives, garnished with Lemon and Cilantro.

Kharcho– $8.95

Spicy Tomato Based Lamb Soup with Rice.

Soup of the day

Ask your server.



Kubansky Salad – small $8.95   reg. $11.50

Tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, onions in a sour cream dressing garnished with dill.

Darnitsky Salad – $8.95  $11.50

Tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese in a house vinaigrette served on a bed of greens.

Grilled Chicken Salad – $16.95

Mixed greens, roasted red peppers, scallions,  cilantro in house dressing.

Salmon Salad– $19.95

Grilled salmon on a bed of lettuce with house special dressing.

Traktir Salad -$13.50

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn, egg, green onion, ranch style dressing

Cold Appetizers “Zakuski”


Pickled vegetable Combination– $9.95

Pickled tomato, cucumber and cabbage

Feta Cheese with Kalamata Olives – $8.95

Olivier Salad – Small $8.95 Large $11.95

Russian Potato Salad

Homemade Cured Salmon – $10.95

Herring with Potatoes – $10.95

Assorted Cold Cuts – $13.95

Serves four

Salo  cured pork fat garnished with garlic  – $13.95

Red Caviar 4oz – Market price

Black Caviar (Osetra) 4oz  – Market price

Served with dollar size blinis and garnish

Gefilte Fish – $8.95

Fish patty made from ground carp and white fish

Vinegret Salad (Russian vegetarian salad) – $8.95

Beet, carrot, potatoes, pickles and onion

Eggplant spread – $8.95

Eggplant, mayo, garlic

Chopped Herring “Forshmak” – $8.95

Herring Moskovsky –$9.95

Herring on dark toast with onions

Lobia salad-$8.95

kidney beans,walnut, cilantro

Beet salad with garlic and mayo – $8.95

Seafood Salad – $9.95

Shrimp, imitation crabmeat, smelt egg, mayo

Hot Appetizers


Potato Vareniki –  $10.95    small  $13.95 large

Russian Style dumpling with potato filling

 Cabbage Vareniki – $10.95 small $13.95 large

Russian style dumpling with mushroom and cabbage filling

Vareniki Combo – $12.95  small   $15.95 large

Combination of vareniki

Cheese Vareniki –$13.95 small  $16.95 large

Russian style dumpling with farmer cheese filling served with strawberry preserve and crème fresh

Pelmeni – $14.50

Meat filled tortellini served with your choice of chicken broth or sour cream

Fried Pelmeni – $16.50

Golubtsy – $16.50

Stuffed cabbage with ground meat and rice

Chicken Blintzes – $14.95

Crepes filled with ground chicken served in a rich porcini mushroom sauce

Flame Grilled

All Main Courses Are Served With Side Salad And A Choice Of Mashed or Homestyle Potatoes

Chicken Shashlik – $17.95

Marinated chicken in lemon and spices

Beef  Tenderloin Shashlik – $23.95

beef marinated tenderloin in herbs and spice

Pork Shashlik – $18.95

Marinated pork in special house sauce

Lamb Shashlik – Market Price

Marinated lamb in herbs and spices

Lula Kebab – $18.95

Ground meat with spices

House Specials


Chicken Tabaka – $18.95

Pan seared pressed Cornish hen in a garlic wine sauce

Grilled 16 oz French cut pork chop – $23.95

Served on a sizzling skillet

Filet mignon medallions – $24.95

Lamb Chops – $MP

Marinated in our special sauce and flame grilled

Grilled Salmon – $19.95

Whole Branzino Pan Fried – $23.95

Whole Branzino  Oven baked or fillet    $24.95

Grilled Sturgeon – $25.95

Marinated and grilled served with pomegranate sauce

Beef Stroganoff –$ 20.95

Sliced beef in porcini mushroom cream sauce served with mashed potatoes

Kotleti  $14.95

All of the Main Courses are served with salad and your choice of mashed or home-style potatoes.



Homemade Preserves – $6.50

Strawberry or Appricot with roasted almosnds.

Napoleon Cake – $6.50

Ice Cream

Dessert Specials

Ask your server.



Homemade compote – $7

 Assortment or dried fruit

Mors – Small $4 – Large $7

Kvas – Small  $4 – Large $8

Mineral or Still Water – Large 5

Soft drinks – $3

Pot of hot tea – $6.50

Café Latte – $4.50

Cappuccino – $4.50

Espresso – $3.50